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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big News! Plus Updates on Christmas.

Howdy y'all! Your favorite child of Trevor and Diana back to report on the past couple of months. Well, that previous statement won't be all too clear in the near future as I am going to be a . . . BIG BROTHER!! I have no idea what this means, but mama and dada are excited so I should be too I guess. I do here them say "baby" and I know what that means, kind of . . . so I think they will have another me. I guess the "baby's" name right now is Chaz. Aunt TT says that used to be her cat. I'm very confused about all of this. Not to mention, supposedly I used to be "Jeeves." I don't get it.

So I was a big fan of Christmas. All the people I've seen a few times were there . . . which I guess was a place called "Michigan." The airplane trip was okay. I went with my "gamama" and Aunt Vickie. I missed mama and dada though, but they came in a couple of days to get me. I got to play with my cousins, Keri and Brady, while I was there too. Brady wasn't much fun cuz whenever I hit him, he cried.

The ride home was pretty rough. It was my bed time and I couldn't sleep that well on that airplane thingy, but we survived . . . well at least I did - mama and dada looked tired. Since this trip, I've been practicing a lot of things. I'm getting the hang of this English language thing. I'm at about 40+ words and am understanding a lot more. Also, I love to feed myself, which is easier now that I have 7.5 teeth.

The biggest thing I've done, according to mama and dada, is going "peepee" on this big white chair thing. They get so excited when I release my fluids in this thing. Its fun to "flush" it though. I'm also digging this whole climbing thing. It gets you to new heights and I can touch a lot of stuff I'm not supposed to touch.

Last week we went to Las Vegas. Definitely positives and negatives to this trip. Negative - riding in a car for a long time. That was not fun. You get strapped in to a seat with no one to play with and try to stay happy. Geesh! Postives were more numerous. There were a lot of pretty things to see and the house we stayed at had a lot of open space to run, fall, spin and dance. Plus, they had a "doggy" who let me play with her.

I can't think of anything else to report. I know, its been like 3 months and only this much to say. Check out my videos though and see what else I've been doing.


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Grandpa Norm said...

It's nice to know that you are learning. If your mom is the one teaching you how to talk, you are learning from "The Master". I especially enjoyed watching you take the field trip to the casino. Pretty soon you'll be the master at the Blackjack/Poker tables. Good luck!! See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!