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Monday, December 21, 2009

Michigan or Bust!!! What the crap is Michigan? (notice the subtle Utah lingo interjection there)

Hello everyone, Max here. I felt the need to use "what the crap" one last time in the title cuz I'll be living in Michigan soon and dropping F-bombs like nobody's business. There are two photo slide shows. The top one is of a professional photo shoot we had done in November, the bottom one is our pics.

So I'm like twice as old as I was the last time I posted. I blame it on my mommy, but not like we haven't been busy. Lots of stuff has happened, including the fact that we are leaving Utah.

October went rather well, Big Bro Xander enjoyed Halloween dressed as a turtle, I slept in my monkey costume. It was fun cuz Papa Trent was there during that time. Not much happened with me as I grew and stuff.

November had things start to get interesting. We all went on a rather last minute trip to Michigan in the middle of November cuz my daddy had an interview in his hometown of Caro, MI. When we went, he already had a job offer there, but chose the second one of the two he interviewed. This meant we were moving to a place I just visited. Since this time, we've been wrapping things up. As I write today, Xander and I just had our last day with Liane at daycare, which is a bummer cuz she ROCKS!!! Nonetheless, mommy and daddy spent all day packing cuz we leave for Michigan tomorrow, but we aren't moving yet . . . confused? Let me explain.

So since this all happened in November, we had already purchased our flights home for Christmas from 12/22-12/28. So now we are doing that and Xander and I will be staying in Michigan with Gramma Donna and Papa Norm, Gramma Scoot, and Uncle Brian and Aunt Jen (Keri and Brady too). Mommy and Daddy are flying back alone and then Papa Trent will follow them a few days later to pack up the moving truck with all of my . . . our stuff and then drive that truck hauling a car and the other car with Chewy back to Michigan. Ya, complicated for sure!

Anyway, to all of y'all back in the Midwest, we look forward to seeing you soon. To the peeps in Utah, we'll miss you and try to visit at some point. Uncle Travis, Aunt Taryn, Aunt Beth and Uncle Dane don't have any plans to follow us . . . YET! So they should be reason enough to return in the near future. Not to mention, Utah is the "motherland" for X and I. Thats it for now everyone. I . . . we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Check ya on the flipside . . . of the calendar.

Maximus Aristotle Napoleon Octavius Augustus Grice (sounds way better than Maxwell Casmere Grice)