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Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm getting stronger (Jeeves)

So I've heard upstairs that my mom has finally felt me . . . its about time as I've been banging down here for a while. Anyway, she knows I'm here now. The other day my mom did something pretty stupid - she golfed in 100 degree heat. I think it was stupid cuz I was roasting down here and very thirsty. I keep hearing my dad say "Are you okay?" and "I'm fine." I think he has issues to enjoy golfing 18 holes in 100 degree heat. Oh well. So I'm prepping for my close-up at the end of this month. I guess another ultrasound is in the works and I want to look my best for it so I'm working out and stuff. Got to get buff. I guess the dudes (thats what I call my parents) could find out whether I'm a boy or a girl at this time, but they don't want to. This is a huge identity issue for me since I know what I'm seeing, but I don't know what it stands for. I guess I'll hold off until D-day. Oh by the way, I guess D-day will occur without drugs, which is pretty cool as I'm not into that whole scene. Something about natural childbirth and hypnobirthing - whatever, I don't care I just know I won't be buzzed out of my gourd when I come out of this cave. Sounds good to me, I'm pretty sure I'll still have the munchies though.