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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting used to this whole "outside the womb" thing

Aloha peeps! Your favorite recently born son of Trevor and Diana here to give you an update on the past 5 or so weeks. Mommy goes back to work on Thursday, which means that I'll be going to a place called "daycare" with my big brother, X. Don't know what to make about this, but X seems to like it. He even cries when mommy and daddy try to pick him up sometimes. Speaking of which, he took a header the other day. Daddy had to go pick him up and then mommy and I met them at the doctor's office. He ended up splitting open his eyebrow and since it was such a smooth split, they just glued it instead of doing something called "stiches."

I'm still sleeping in the bassinet next to mommy and daddy, which will likely continue for another couple of months I hear. Not that I know any different however. So being out of the womb has its advantages. I really like to be held and also to eat. I hear I eat twice as much as X did. Also, I've been watching this movie called "Ratatouille" over and over again. X likes to watch "the rat" and requests it all the time. Mommy and daddy have tried to mix in "Nemo" and "the toys" (i.e. Toy Story), but to no avail. Daddy wishes that X would like to mix in the movie about "cars," but he has yet to be successful.

I've had some visitors, with more to come. Gramma Scoot came first and helped mommy and daddy for awhile and made some food . . . so thank you for that Gramma Scoot! Then a week later Gramma Donna came and did the same . . . so thank you for that Gramma Donna! I hear that Papa Norm will be arriving in a few weeks and then after that Papa Trent will come for a week at the start of November. I'm looking forward to seeing them, as I assume they are to see me.

Overall I'm really healthy. I do have some instances of projectile vomiting and can be quite gassy at times, but no big deal. We were a bit scared the other day as mommy was diagnosed with an infection from the childbirth. Apparently it can be serious, but its all better now. As X would say "doctor fixt it."

Thats the scoop thus far. All is well. I get lots of kisses from X, mommy and daddy and like spending the day with mommy. I'll be sad when that ends, but I'll get some days with daddy during the week. Just a matter whether X will be there with Daddy and me.

Make sure you check out the pics connected with this and the videos on the right. Mommy fixed the videos so you can view them now.