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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello from Utah!

We hope all is well in Michigan. We are doing well out here in 2008. Xander has reached his six month birthday on May 18th and spent it on a road trip. He visited the Grand Canyon, the Navajo Nation, Four Corners, Lake Powell, and Arches National Park. He’s a great baby in the car and we all had a lot of fun with him. New additions to his arsenal of skills include eating food (rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots and bananas), which mom and dad have been trying to make themselves. Thus far, we’ve been successful. In addition, Xander is a rolling machine and is close to thinking about crawling. He is also sitting up well when placed on his bum and will hold the sitting position for quite a bit. Xander is also learning about his voice. He likes to scream for fun and babbles a lot. He has also learned that things make noise when you bang them. Xander is still sleeping through the night most nights and wakes up with a smile at 6am most mornings. He is now in daycare for four days a week and spends Tuesdays with Daddy running errands and taking naps. Liane, the daycare person, looks forward to seeing him each and every day and seems to value her time with Xander a ton.

Mommy and Daddy are doing very well too. Daddy has been getting about 20 clients a week, which is right at the ideal minimum. Hopefully, that number will increase a bit. Trevor is also still studying for the licesure exam, which is the last step in the whole psychology process. Trevor also plays softball on Fridays and in a couples league on Thursdays with Diana. Golfing has been pretty much a no go thus far this year and the tomato garden has yet to get planted.
Diana is back to work five days a week and really misses her Fridays with Xander. She is playing softball on Thursdays with Trevor up in Salt Lake City. Other than that, she is dealing with a changing work environment and a never ending desire to travel as opposed to work.
Included are some pics of us and our recent roadtrip. As you can see, Xander is getting big and is having a blast with life and with us. We will try our best to get to Michigan some time soon to see all of you.


Trevor, Diana, and Alexander

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

uvbn d dg bvbbbbbbbbbbb That was a brief message from me as I tried to type. I'm dictating to my dad, but I'm trying to figure out this typing thing. The major problem is that I don't know how to spell. So its been a busy few weeks since the last entry. I've gradutated to cereal and am loving it. I'm definitely putting on the weight and my weight/age percentile should be higher on my next visit. ;p//[opkzsxdisdd99foji. Dang it, I just can't do it. So I'm mobile now, I'm a rolling machine and pretty much do it just to show off to people. I'm very close to sitting up on my own and I've pretty much mastered the "High Five." Next is clapping and then after that my daddy says something about "unloading the dishwasher." Other than that, the green truck is gone and we now have another nice Buick Regal (with AC - but otherwise BORING!) to replace it. Since we made some extra moolah, we have another new addition to the family . . . Playstation 3. Daddy is very excited, plus Blu-Ray movies are the bomb. I'm very jealous though. More on that after I talk to my therapist about an appropriate outlet. I think I got some teeth coming in. My mouth is killing me, but a nice cold carrot feels good on them. Plus it tastes a lot better then my three item menu: breast milk, rice cereal in breast milk, and oatmeal in breast milk. Anyway, looks like I'm taking a road trip next weekend. I'll keep you posted on that since I'm gonna go see something called the "Grand Canyon." We'll see how grand it really is. Anyway, peace out y'all. Til next time.