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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Xander Aug-Oct 2008

My where has the time gone. I was shocked to see that it had been almost 3 months since my last post. Life's busy these days, so please excuse me. I picked up this new thing lately - walking. Its pretty sweet since I don't feel like a wild ape on all fours and my knees don't get so scraped up and callousy. Not to mention its a whole better view up here. My first go round with this walking thing was on Sept. 21. I'd been practicing "behind closed doors" for the big show, that was when mommy and daddy got home from their boat ride. So that night with everyone watching, I performed. I kind of dig the whole "performing" aspect since my Uncle Travis and Gramma Scooter were there too. I also surprised mommy with my first two teeth when she got home. No more sprouting as of yet though, so I'm just bottom bucktooth X-man right now. What else, hmmmm . . . I'm king of getting the hang of this whole "English" thing. I know "baba" which magically makes bottles full of milk appear, "baby" - which seems to stand for any little humans. Also, "dada" is the guy who's always around and making me laugh. Another big one that I say is "ball," man those things are fun. I either will kick it around, give it to dada, or put it in places to make "baskets." Another hobby of mine is climbing. Today I found out that I can get higher by climbing on things. This lets me reach the things that I usually can't get to.

I'm sure that there is a ton more to talk about, but I'm spent right now. I got a busy day of going to daycare tomorrow and flirtin' with the chicks there. I'll probably show off some of my new clothes tomorrow, since I'm more buff then even a couple of months ago. Anyway, keep checking the site since I'll be moving out of this house in a month and heading across town with mommy, daddy and the impossible to catch Chewy.